Photography for Communities

Photography for Communities

We offer Quality specialized photography for communities at an affordable price.

Photography for Communities - The Public Square in Nelsonville (Ohio) - Dynamic Digital Solutions

The Nelsonville (Ohio) Public Square at Dawn
by Dynamic Digital Solutions

Photography for Communities - Columbus (Ohio) Skyline - Dynamic Digital Solutions

Columbus (Ohio) Skyline at Sunset
by Dynamic Digital Solutions

Our photos are taken to carefully highlight the beauty, resources and amenities of communities or regions. These photos are of particular interest to communities, chambers of commerce, festival organizations and tourism associations.

Custom Photo Packages

Our photo packages are custom designed to meet your specific needs. Our approach to promotional landscape, cityscape, streetscape or building photos include the following considerations:

  • With your input, we will identify the top resources, buildings, scenes or activities to be included in the photography package.
  • We will schedule the photos (and adjust the schedule if necessary) so that they will be taken at the time of day and in the weather that will put the scene or activity in its best light.
  • If the landscape or scene is subject to seasonal changes (spring, summer, fall, winter), we will return to take additional photos with the change of seasons.
  • All of the photos, where possible, will be taken as High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos to preserve the details in the darker and brighter areas of the photographs.
  • We will take panoramic images where appropriate.
  • After the photos are taken, we will process the images for optimized web viewing and/or print media.

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